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Iowa Business Delegation Visited Our Company


        On June 15th, Iowa Business Delegation visited Xi’an Qingan Poultry Equipment Co., Ltd.  Mr. Joseph A. Rude, officer of Iowa Economic Development Bureau, Mr. Robert Amundison, executive vice president of Ritchie    Mr. Jason Cannon, chief financial officer of Ritchie and Ms. Yao Jun, General Manager OF SNH of American Chamber of Commerce China  welcomed by Mr. Ma and related person from Xi’an Qingan Poultry Equipment Co., Ltd. The two sides introduced the status of their own businesses and products in the animal industry's status and advantages, and exchanged on how to carry out the next step of cooperation.
        Ritchie is a U.A.S. company with 95 year history of attention in the production of a large cattle, sheep farm automatic drinking water equipment, the share of products accounted for more than 30% of similar products in the world.  Xi’an Qingan Poultry Equipment Co., Ltd. is China's largest poultry drinking water equipment enterprise, its QZH brand of poultry drinking water equipment enjoys a high reputation in the world.  The hope of this visit is to  establish the cooperation for both to expand product sales channels.

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