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Floor Drinking System


The QZH Floor Drinking System consists of the following pats: Front Water Supply, Drinking System, Suspension, Regulator, Water end parts.

1. Front Water Supply

The front water supply contains: pressure reducing valve, water meter, water filter, dose medicine. They can make birds drink the optimum water quality.

2. Drinking System

The watering lines are supplied in assembled elements of 3m length. All these elements are to be coupled according to the length of the house. The height can be adjusted depends on the size of the birds.

3. Suspension

The drinking lines are suspended by hangers, and can be adjusted to the desired height by hand winch for emptying or cleaning.

4. Regulator

The pressure regulator can be installed in front or middle of the drinking lines.

5. Water End Parts

The water end parts have a indicating tube which is made from high-intensity and anti-resistance plastics, so we can observe the water level more clearly. 

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