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Broiler Feeding System


QZH-RL auger feeding system for broiler consists of a controlling device, driving device, feeding device and lifting suspension device. It can meet the needs of the whole process of feeding from 1 day age to the end.

1. The Main Line

 The tower (silo), a feeding pipe, sensing controller, drive motor.

2. Auxiliary Line

Feeding box component, feeding system (feed pipe and an auger), feeding pan assembly, automatic feeding controller and driver, lifting device, anti habitat device composition.

3. Drive Motor

Power: 0.55KW and 0.75KW, voltage: 380V; frequency: 50Hz, three-phase alternating current

4. Feeding System

Tube diameter: metal pipe diameterφ75mm2.5mm

Plastic pipe diameter φ75mm3.6mm

Feeding pipe material: metal hot dip galvanized pipe /UPVC

The spiral spring auger diameter: φ63mm  Made in South Africa

The feeding ability (level): ≥1400Kg/h

Elbow radius: R1500

Maximum transmission length: 60m

5. Hopper

Material: hot dip galvanized sheet

Material wall thickness: 1.2mm

Connection mode: screw connection

Volume: 115L/75KG

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