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1601-controller is mainly used for closed henhouse’ s ventilating control. According to the signal of temperature and humidity sensors, you can control henhouse’s environmental temperature and humidity in a setting range by some measures such as ventilating, heating, cooling pad, air inlet, which is in order to meet the requirements of environmental control.      

1Used for closed henhouse. According to sensor’ s signal, putting humidity & temperature of the house in a set of curves through ventilating, cooling or heating. 

2LCD is simple and easy to operate.

3Totally enclosed design and touch keyboard, you can know the operation outside the henhouse.

4Control objects are heater, constant speed fan, wet curtain pump, air inlet and roller shutters. Phase 1 control object for timing or frequency conversion fan, 2-9 stage control object can be set to constant speed fan, 10-11 phase control object for the heater, 11-12 stage control object can be set to wet curtain and water pump equipment.

5Can be set up independent temperature controlling curve.

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