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Common trouble shooting


Common trouble shooting of water pressure regulator



Trouble shooting

1Pressure regulator failure


APressure regulating pad failure



BPressure regulating   film failure

CPressure regulating   spring failure

DPress block screw   loosening

Turn on the regulator and tighten the screws.

2The terminal water level is not displayed or on the   low side where the water level on the pressure regulator is showed normal.

AThe water line is not in straight as the house   ground has horizontal difference which gradually increased at the end of   horizon.

Adjust the water   line to the straight, so that water level display on both ends of the water   pipe will show the same level.

BAir block in water pipe caused poor water supply.

Open the end   ball valve to exhaust air.

CTerminal leakage

Check the   terminal to see if the ball valve is leaking or bonding is not reliable.


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