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Common trouble shooting of nipple drinker




Trouble   shooting

1、Water leak at push rod of the nipple

AImpurities enter in the nipple

Lift push rod up   with the finger, wash away impurities or remove the nipple for washing

BNipple is not Installed in place

Re install

2Water leakage at nipple housing

AThe cracks in the shell


B   The rear rubber ring is not installed in place

Re install the nipple   drinker, if it is ring problem, replace the rubber ring

3No water from nipple

ANipple outlet blocked

Unloading nipple   device, flushing water pipe and nipple seat

BWater pipe line is not leveled 

Leveling the   pipe line

CWater pipe line has gas blocking phenomenon

Repeated push   the rod or remove the nipple to discharge gas

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